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Why Buy from us?

We have access to a huge inventory of used parts along with 1000+ vendors associated with us. Buy used engines at wholesale prices and up to 75% cheaper than dealership. We also offer warranty up to 2 years in case of REMANS and all our used engines comes with a warranty up to 6 months. Just order it and we can ship it to your mechanic or even to your residence.  

Jask Used Engines

What's Included - when you buy an used engine from us?

When you order an used engine assembly, it includes all basic accessories such as manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and chains, fuel injectors or carburetor however we warranty only the long block and part will not be taken back due to issues with accessories. 

Additional Information

  • All our engines are tested before they are shipped out either by running the vehicle or by compression test.
  • Enginesare sold as complete assemblies including both the intake-exhaust manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, while the warranty is only on long block. The manifolds, gaskets, seals, hoses, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, are not under warranty. Engine accessories such as but not limited to Turbos, Starters, air compressors, alternator, power steering pumps, optical distributors or electrical water pumps are not included nor under warranty. If any of these parts are purchased separately they will be under warranty as stated by agent during purchase. Engine accessories that may need to be replaced are the water pump, distributor cap, spark plugs and wires and possibly timing chain. JASK AUTO PARTS INC. will not be held responsible for these parts listed as they are considered high-wear and tear parts.
  • All seals & cover gaskets must be replaced before installation.
  • Please, check the warranty for the engine with your sales agent.
  • For additional information about Warranty, Return & Refund Policy | terms & conditions | Shipping Policy  log onto our parent website


Why Choose Us

Wholesale Prices

Up to 75% cheaper than Dealership price.

Tested A Grade Parts

All our engines are quality tested before shipped to the customer.

Nationwide Shipping

We ship used engines anywhere across the USA & Canada.

Gold Standard

Our engine comes with a warranty up to 2Years with replacement or refund.