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Junkyard Near Me

Finding a second-hand auto part at an affordable price can be a challenge, especially if your budget is not flexible but your auto part requirement is urgent. The first thing we do in such a situation is pick up our phone and type “junkyard near me” or “salvage yard near me” or “auto salvage yard near my area”. Visiting a junkyard is one of the most economical ways to find a spare part.

Why buy from a Junkyard?

Jask Auto Parts - Your Ultimate Junkyard Parts Provider

Purchasing a brand-new auto part for your vehicle can be very expensiveBrand new auto parts can cost a lot, and additional installation and labor charges that come with buying and installing any auto part are an extra burden on anyone. But there are inexpensive ways to find a replacement auto part at an economical rate can. Anyone can visit their nearest junkyard or auto salvage yard and find used auto parts at a very reasonable price.

Junk yards or salvage yards usually buy old and discarded cars or vehicles which have been into some accident but still have few working parts on them. Some junkyards may charge a small entrance fee and some may notYou will pay for the auto parts you have chosen but the charges will be much lesser than buying a brand-new auto part.


There are many benefits of buying an auto part from a junkyard. One of the most important is that, it is a lot cheaper. You can buy a new set of tires for about $100, but if you go to a junkyard, you can find them for $5-$10. Another benefit is that there are no sales taxes on the parts from junkyards.

In addition, buying auto parts in junkyards has environmental benefits as well because you are recycling and reusing old parts instead of wasting new ones. You also get to keep your car on the road longer because you don’t have to spend money on new parts every time something breaks down.

A person can get to know about the history of the car by looking at its parts. They can also get to know about the condition of the car and what needs to be done to it by looking at its parts.

Junkyards provide a great opportunity for people who are interested in cars and want to learn more about them without spending much money. Junkyards also provide an opportunity for people who want to start their own project but don’t have enough money or resources.

If you search “Junkyard near me” you will easily find the nearest junkyards near your area. But there are few things you must keep in mind before visiting a junk yard

There are two types of junk yards or salvage yards, one where the customer will have to extract the auto part from the vehicle himself.

This junk yard will extract the auto part you have chosen for you.

If you are not really familiar with auto parts and how to properly extract an auto part without damaging it or hurting yourself you may want to choose the later one, or get a professional mechanic with you.

Things to Keep In Mind Before Visiting a Junkyard


Find Out If the Junk Yard is Genuine

Always try to find a trustworthy junk yard, and check if it has been listed under government’s licensing board, checking licencing will make sure that the junk yard you are planning to visit, is a reputable business and working under the law. You can also find out a lot about a junkyard through online reviews of their previous customers of the same junk yard.

Selecting The Right Junkyard

If you are planning to visit a junkyard, you will come across two types of businessesfull-service or u-pull-it.

As the name states-

  • A full-service process will give you the independence of choosing the part you want and then an expert working at the junkyard pulls the part from catalogue for you.

  • A u-pull-it is one where you have to get your own tool to the junkyard and pull your own auto part once you have chosen the one you want.


Find Precisely What You Need

Usually most of the junkyards of salvage yards are very unorganized and have chunks and tools scattered everywhere. But you can still find some with fairly organized structureJunkyards generally display their popular and best auto parts on display and auto parts which are not as popular or lesser in demand at the back of the junkyardIf you are not sure about how to find the right part for your vehicleasking for help is always your best option, it will not only save you a lot of time and energy but it can also help you find a better quality and cheaper auto part.

Knowing What Can Be Salvaged and What Cannot

Some auto parts like tubes and filters should always be bought new, pulling such auto parts is very risky, these parts can be easily damaged while pulling and are not worth your effort, time or money. Auto parts like transmission, engine, interiors, body parts and wiring can be retrieved from a junkyard, if they are in decent condition.

Crosscheck Before Buying

First thing you need to do before buying an auto part from a junkyard or salvage yard you need to check for any damage and wear and tear. An engine may look good on externally but to make sure that it is working correctly you need to run it and sure that it is not making any loud noise while starting. If you don’t know how to check an auto parts condition it is advised to bring a qualified mechanic or someone who has experience with second hand auto parts to assist you.

Take Your Tools with You

Junkyards usually don’t provide basic tools like wrencheshammer, screwdriversit will be appropriate to get your own tools to extract the parts you want to salvage and buy.


Junkyards mostly provide transport to move the auto parts you have purchased to your location, select a junkyard which provides transportation service especially if you don’t have your own transport.

Wear Apt Clothing

Junkyard is not a safe place and it is wise to wear a full-sleeved clothingfull pants and closed toe shoes to protect yourself.

So, before googling “junk yard near me” or “salvage yard near me”, go through all the above points in order to make your junk yard visit worth a while.

Check and Recheck Before Buying

Before buying any auto part from a junkyard you need to check for any damage and wear and tear. An engine may loom good on the outside but to make sure that it is working properly you need to run it and make sure that it is not making any loud sound while starting. If you are not sure how to check the auto parts condition it is advisable to bring an experienced mechanic someone who has experience with used auto parts to assist you.

Bring Your Own Tools
Most junkyards don’t provide basic tools like hammers, wrenches, and screwdrivers to customers, so it will be convenient to bring your own tools to remove the parts you are planning to pull.

Most junkyards are providing transportation to move the parts you have bought to your desired location, make sure to choose a junkyard that provides transportation services especially if you

Wear Suitable Clothing
Remember a junkyard may not be a safe place with parts strewn all across, it is advisable to wear a full-sleeved shirt, long pants, and closed-toe shoes or boots to protect yourself.

So next time before searching for a “junkyard near me”, go through all the above-listed points to make your junkyard visit worth a while, because your hard-earned money and time both are valuable.